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[English follows] 先日、令和最初のちょっとした事件がありました。










The other day, an “incident” occurred. Something that belonged to me was taken away by someone without my consent. It wasn’t anything expensive. But it was something that I considered as a member of the “team” that supported me everyday so I felt sad that it was taken away from me so abruptly without me having an opportunity to say goodbye.

One of the teachings of yoga touches upon the importance of freeing yourself from attachment. No thing or person is guaranteed to stay by your side eternally. And at times, it’s necessary to let go.

However, attachment and responsibility are two different things.

I grow plants inside the house and on the balcony. Before, I was hesitant to have plants because I was afraid that I would kill them, but after I started having them around, watering them and letting them sunbathe, I began to feel so much gratitude towards them for showing me different facets of life everyday.

If someone asked me to share one of my plants, I would gladly make that happen. But I will make sure that the person is willing to take care of the plant to the best of her or his ability. I think I owe it to my plant, a life that I brought into my life and raised. That is what I consider as my responsibility.

Material objects don’t have a life. But I think they might have a soul. At least, for things that I bring into and keep in my life, I want to treat them as if they have a soul.

I don’t own a lot of things. I strive to own things only to the extent that I can truly care for them. And I take full responsibility for the well being of each and every piece that I own.

For the thing that was taken away from me, if the person who took it would use it normally then I would have still felt sad but would have wished it good luck for the new job it has taken to now support and be positive energy for that person. But knowing that it would be thrown deep into a drawer and would probably never see the light again, I felt responsible that I couldn’t give it the protection it deserved.

It is at times easy to confuse attachment and responsibility. If more people let go of attachment and instead have a full and warm heart of responsibility, perhaps there will be no more taking things away or things being taken away.

What is your thought?

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